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How To Calculate Your Keyword Cost

Now follow these instruction and find the Cost of your Keyword and you can also find the answer of your question that How to Calculate Your Keyword Cost see in the following picture where you have to click to find the cost of your keyword.

Avoid guesswork
We provide keyword traffic and cost estimates so you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords and maximizing your budget. (Estimate keyword costs) Now click on ESTIMATE KEYWORD COSTS. After putting your desire keyword.

Google only had data for three of the five keywords entered. As you can see, I did an "exact match" so the search volumes would be accurate. As you see from the results, we are getting "Insufficient Data" for June and it seems through the queries I have put through that the "magic number" is 600. Meaning that unless your click through traffic is at least 600 on your end, there won’t be any data from the previous month. Even though Google is showing an "average" of 1,600 search queries a month for the term "meta content" and there are no advertisers, even though Google says there are (Advertiser Competition bar half full), I had a mere 318 clicks despite holding the #1 position. Taking 46% of the search volume, which is what I should expect for the #1 result, I should have had 736 clicks, more than 400 than I received.
"But wait," you say, "the data for June was insufficient. You are basing your numbers on data which doesn’t exist."
Taking twelve months of data (July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008), I received 3,612 click throughs, or and average of 301, which is LOWER than the current month’s data. I could go on for days with similar results.
Looking at data on my affiliate sites, the trend is similar. Google’s search volume numbers are at least 2x of what they should be, which is similar to what Overture did. Be mindful of this as you make your determination based on "search volume" as the numbers are inflated. In one instance, I own the top seven results for a keyword phrase (different domains, of course) and my traffic volume is just over half of Google’s search volume number. It should be A LOT higher than that. More proof that the numbers are off.
Remember to test the keyword first through PPC to make sure the keyword phrase converts before doing SEO. No use doing SEO on a phrase that doesn’t convert – no matter how much search volume it gets.

How To Learn SEO Part-1


Today i will Teach you how to learn SEO, Seo is the most important part of any Search Engine and Google really give full attention to this topic if you open and in search just type SEO you will find out 1,430,000,000 this will show you how most of site in the world based on SEO. So now we start how to learn SEO, Guys before starting the first lesson just keep one thing in your mind SEO is very simply thing just need your concentration and your focus to the main poiont.
Lesson One KEYWORD / PAYING WORDS the main thing which new user totaly ignore their KEYWORDS worth if you choose top KEYWORD for your site then you will see the difference in your site. GOOGLE search is based on purely KEYWORDS and in our title which is HOW TO LEARN SEO. Now open and click on Adversting Programe you can see in the image as well. This will guide you which KEYWORD you have to use for your Website or Blog etc. After clicking on Adversting Programs you will move on the next window where you will find some new information

"Attract new customers: Google AdWords"

Benefits of AdWords

  • Get more customers for your business: Advertise to people searching on Google and our advertising network
  • Reach people actively looking for information about your products and services online
  • Easily control costs – pay only when people click on your ad
Now click on Google AdWords and move to the next window, where you will find GET KEYWORD IDEAS you can find it in to the picture follow there and click there (Get Keyword Ideas ).

On the left hand side picture you clearly see the Google AdWords (Advertise your Business on Google) under this page you will find out the worth of your Keywords. Now Click your desire Keyword and google will show you some results regarding your keywords.
Analyze Results.

Keywords: Are sorted by relevance based on Google’s algorithm.
Advertiser Competition: This is based on AdWords. The fuller the bar, the more competition. As you see from the image above, the bars are completely full indicating heavy competition. Heavy competition in the AdWords space almost always translates into heavy competition in the SEO space for that keyword phrase. However, competition is good, as where there is competition, there is money being made.
Approx. Search Volume: June: Based on data collected from June (last month), this is the total number of search volume for the month.
Approx. Avg. Search Volume: Based on historical data of the last 12 months, this is the average per month search volume.
As you can see from the data above, the volume is pretty heavy for the top mortgage keyword phrases. Later in this article I will be comparing real data with Google’s data to show how accurate it is.
How did the web page option result turn out?

Now move to next Step which is ...

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